Cleveland: Jury finds 16 Amish guilty of conspiracy |

CLEVELAND -- After more thirty hours of deliberations, a federal jury has reached a guilty verdict in the Amish beard- and hair-cutting trial.

The 16 defendants were all found guilty of conspiracy for participating in cutting the hair and beards of rival Amish members.
The focus of the trial centered on Sam Mullet Sr., the leader of the breakaway Amish sect located in Bergholz, Ohio. Besides conspiracy, Mullet Sr. was convicted on six additional counts. The jury acquitted Mullet Sr. on two other charges.
The jury considered a total of 54 charges on 10 counts. See below for a breakdown of the verdict on each count.
The judge has set sentencing for January 24 and dismissed the jury telling them, "You are the most attentive jury I've had on my 14 years on the bench."