Police investigating a report of a drunken man on a horse came across Cowart, who refused when officers ordered him to dismount, and “in an aggressive manner reared the horse back” and rode off, said a police affidavit quoted by The Associated Press.
“He made it into the heart of the city and was in and out of traffic,” Bunnell Police Chief Jeffrey Hoffman told the Daytona Beach News-Journal on Monday. “He was causing quite a hazard. He made his way onto the railroad tracks, and we had to stop a southbound train.”Cowart’s father, Chuck, caught up to his son and pulled him off the horse — whose name is Wiley Coyote — but the younger Cowart allegedly ran into a nearby wooded area. Police dogs chased him out and he was taken into custody.
Drunken Man on Horseback Leads Police on Chase Across Florida Town - ABC News