A woman hijacked a tow truck while the driver was in the process of repossessing her vehicle and led city police on a wild car chase that ended with her slamming into a vacant home in the 10000 block of Orrville Street NW late this morning.
The woman faces numerous charges, including fleeing and eluding. She is being booked in the city jail.
Around 11 a.m., Ed Meadows, driver for Skipco, was in the process of repossessing a Mercury Mountaineer in front of Huntington Bank in downtown Massillon. The owner of the vehicle came out and began pulling on him in an attempt to stop him from connecting the tow gear.
After Meadows went around the truck, he noticed that his door had been closed and that the woman had gotten inside his tow truck.
Massillon Police Sgt. J.J. Diloreto said the woman drove the tow truck, a Ford F-250, with her vehicle in tow onto state Route 21. As she drove, the vehicle swerved back and forth across the roadway, leaving mile-long skid marks. The tires began to disintegrate and blew off the vehicle.

Woman hijacks tow truck, leads police on wild chase - Massillon, OH - The Independent