A Texas man who was horribly burned on most of his body at age 8 divulged a dark secret on his deathbed — the monster who set him ablaze had also raped him.Robbie Middleton died shortly after the videotaped admission last year, and now prosecutors hope to use his tortured words to go after a convicted sex offender who had abused another boy.
“It was done to prevent Middleton from talking,” Montgomery County attorney David Walker told the Houston Chronicle about the atrocious acts 14 years ago.Middleton gave the 27-minute statement to name his alleged attacker again and confess he was raped by him two weeks before he was set on fire, Walker said.
Walker told the newspaper last year that “the case was very, very difficult, with evidence that was not clear or necessarily compelling at that time.”But Collins was found guilty in 2001 in an unrelated sexual assault of an 8-year-old boy.He served time for failing to register as a sex offender and was released from prison Sept. 5.Now that Collins is out of the slammer, Walker plans to file papers to have the case moved from juvenile court to district court as a felony murder case given the weight of the sexual assault claim.

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