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    Senior Citizen Mayor allowing some to pay delinquit water bill accounts with sex

    The 72-year-old mayor of Waldron (Arkansas) has been charged with patronizing a prostitute and abusing the public trust for allegedly using his official position to obtain sex.

    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Riedel said Mayor Troy Anderson was charged Monday in Scott County Circuit Court with four counts of patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor, and two counts of abuse of the public trust, a felony.

    The allegations involve two women. A state police affidavit says that in one case, Anderson gave a woman with whom he was having sex special treatment on her city water bill and also paid her for sex.

    The state police affidavit says that in another case, Anderson tried to solicit sex from a woman for several years because of her delinquent water account and later paid her $100 for sex.

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    Probably the only way he could get sex.

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    So now it's a crime to be lame, ugly, and have a small wee-wee? I have to side with deputy29, probably the only way he could get any...
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