She told police they clung together for hours, before Moore managed to make her way to a nearby property, and pleaded to be let inside. But according to her police account, rather than sheltering the desperate strangers, the occupant refused to let them enter.In desperation, Moore told police she then went to the back of the house, and tried to break in using a flower pot, but was unable to do so. As the storm raged on, her sons were swept away by floodwaters.
Meanwhile, public anger has been directed at the homeowner who allegedly failed to help Moore and her children. The man, who told CNN's Gary Tuchman that his name is Alan but did not want his full name used, disputed Moore's account, saying he saw only a man outside.
"He didn't come to the door... he must have been standing at the bottom of the stairs," said the man. "He took a concrete flower pot... and threw [it] through the door."The man at the door didn't ask to enter the house, he said, but instead asked him to come outside in order to help.

"It's unfortunate. She shouldn't have been out though. You know, it's one of those things," he said.He said there was nothing he could have done. "I'm not a rescue worker ... If I would have been outside, I would have been dead."
Young brothers, 'denied refuge,' swept to death by Sandy -