Normally, we live by the simple rule that you don't tell someone else how to do their job.
And we're certainly not experts when it comes to crime or criminal activity of any sort.
But even WE know that one of the rules of your basic robbery is that AFTER getting what you came to take, you then leave the area to avoid getting caught or at least being more clearly identified by the victim. So, 1) Approach victim with demands, 2) Take things from victim, 3) Run away.
Pretty simple.
But not for this 16-year-old teenager in Joliet, Illinois. Apparently his plan to rob the local CVS Pharmacy of the powerful--and addictive--pain medication oxycodone with a BB gun involved running to the store bathroom first, taking the drug and THEN getting away. Only he ended up passed out in the crapper instead

The Dumbass Daily: News From the Shallow End of the Gene Pool: Busted: Teen Robs Pharmacy of Oxycodone, Passes Out in Store Bathroom