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    Former police captain exonerated of murdering his wife after 14 years in prison

    former Akron, Ohio, police captain who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1997, has been cleared of the crime and released after more than 14 years in prison.Douglas Prade walked out of the Madison Correctional Institution around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, CNN affiliate WOIO reported, a few hours after Summit County Common Pleas Judge Judy Hunter ruled he was innocent of the crime and ordered him released. County officials said they will appeal the decision.Margo Prade, a popular doctor, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in her vehicle in her office's parking lot in November 1997. Douglas Prade was indicted for aggravated murder the next February and convicted in September of that year. He was sentenced to life in prison. The case dominated local headlines for months and was the subject of crime shows on national TV.Although DNA tests conducted at the time were inconclusive, the main evidence against the captain was a bite mark on the victim's arm and lab coat that a prosecution expert matched to her husband's teeth. No weapon was found and prosecutors produced no one who witnessed the killing.With help from the University of Cincinnati's Innocence Project, Douglas Prade appealed the conviction and eventually won a ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court in 2010 that allowed the DNA evidence to be retested using newer methods. When the results came back, none of the DNA evidence could be matched to Douglas Prade."The defendant has been conclusively excluded as the contributor of the male DNA on the bite mark section of the lab coat or anywhere else," Hunter wrote in her 26-page ruling Tuesday. Hunter also cast serious doubt on the reliability of bite-mark evidence, leaving the prosecution with little to go on.
    Police captain exonerated in wife's murder, freed from prison - CNN.com

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    If heas fired because of the conviction and he goes back to work, will get back pay??



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