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Thread: Man talks about selling drugs after accidentally dialing 9-1-1

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    Man talks about selling drugs after accidentally dialing 9-1-1

    An Orange City man talking about selling drugs thought he was only conversing with two other people while driving a tow truck but his cellphone accidentally dialed 9-1-1 and dispatchers listened in, deputies said.
    After the traffic stop, Dollarhide and his two passengers were searched and a pipe used for smoking crack was found on Dollarhide, deputies said.Dollarhide said the pipe belonged to his father but that he had taken it and put it in his pocket because he did not want the landlord to see his dad had drug paraphernalia in the home, deputies said.
    Orange City man arrested after discussing drug deals over open 9-1-1 call | News-JournalOnline.com

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    In other news someone is actually named Dollarhide.
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    I had this happen in 2008 when I was with my old department.

    Still had an open line when we got there and contacted them, and his denials are all on tape, as well as the priceless stuttering when we told him how we found him.
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