North Carolina is the only state that will clearly mark all people who are not U.S. citizens – everyone from business executives with “green cards” to students on visas – with a newly designed driver’s license coming this summer, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, which tracks legislation in all the states.
At the same time, Republicans in the state House are trying to block a recent decision by state transportation officials to issue licenses to one type of non-U.S. citizen – immigrants who have qualified for a two-year reprieve from deportation. Those immigrants have been deemed by the federal government and the state attorney general’s office as being lawfully present in the U.S.
Many of those immigrants were brought into the U.S. illegally as children by their parents and can now apply for the reprieve from deportation under a federal program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
The state attorney general’s office said these DACA recipients have “lawful presence” and therefore are eligible for a license. As a result, the state Department of Transportation decided to issue licenses starting March 25 with red capital letters saying “NO LAWFUL STATUS” and “LIMITED TERM.” Part of the reason for the distinct license, DOT officials said, was to safeguard against voter fraud.

N.C. driver's license for all non-citizens unique among states - Winston-Salem Journal: Local News

So I wonder if certain driving violations will revoke the driving privileges of the person who shouldn't be driving here anyway? So they are illegal here in our country but are at least legal to drive. Problem solved.