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Thread: Pilot texting a factor in deadly copter crash

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    Pilot texting a factor in deadly copter crash

    To the amazement of safety officials, Freudenberg evidently sent several text messages with one hand while flying the helicopter with the other.But those text messages in the air -- which ended 19 minutes before the crash -- turned out to be less consequential than text messages he sent and received while on the ground.Investigators believe Freudenberg engaged in an extensive text conversation with a colleague about dinner plans while he was conducting mandatory pre-flight checks of his helicopter.Because of those distractions, Freudenberg missed two opportunities to detect that his helicopter did not have sufficient fuel for his mission, investigators said.
    Pilot texting a factor in deadly copter crash - CNN.com

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    Used to read the summaries of wrecks at the back of Plane and Pilot. There may have been one mechanical in there somewhere, otherwise it was always pilot error. Got frustrating to read. It's a big ugly pill to swallow, and depressing each month as I read and hoped the pilot would be vindicated. I mourn this pilot as I hope others, on the ground and in the air, learn from his unintentional suicide by way of glossing over routine pre-flight checks.

    They're not there to make your day longer: someone died because they didn't do the thing this procedure advises.
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