The nylon cord authorities say he and another inmate dangled from a sixth-floor rain drainage hole to smuggle in jail contraband had snapped. A bag containing approximately $1,500 in banned items had fallen out of sight.Authorities say Pinellas Park resident Eric Scott Snook, 41, had attached the plastic bag filled with marijuana, tobacco, lighters and other items to the cord so the two inmates could reel it in. But by the time the string broke, Snook had already left.
"Eric, listen to me, dog," Henderson said in the prepaid call to Snook. "You've got to come back. We can't leave it (lying) on the ground, bro."No matter how much Henderson pleaded, Snook wasn't coming back."Man, what the h- - - was I thinking?" Snook responded near the end of the call.Investigators found the bag perched on a fourth-floor overhang shortly after 9 p.m. Monday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at a news conference at the jail Thursday.

Three men charged with smuggling contraband into the Pinellas County Jail | Tampa Bay Times