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    School office worker talks heavily armed man out of mass shooting

    He slipped in, police say, behind someone else -- armed and ready to do battle with police from a school as hundreds of frightened children huddled in their classrooms.Then suspect Michael Brandon Hill met Antoinette Tuff, a front office worker at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy who told ABC News about deftly disarming Hill with a combination of prayer and simple human connection."He said that no one loved him, and I told him that I loved him and that it was going to be OK, that we were going to get out safely," she told the network Tuesday, hours after police had taken the 20-year-old suspect into custody following the afternoon incident outside of Atlanta.
    Hill walked into the school about 500 rounds of ammunition, according to Detective Ray Davis of the DeKalb County Police Department.And while no one was injured, he did open fire -- shooting at police in some of the times he went outside, said Tuff. He also fired once inside the school, she said, before she had a chance to try to connect with him."So I began to tell him some of my life encounters and some of that things that actually was happening to me," she told ABC. "And to get him to be able to start talking with me and opening up.""He said that he hadn't taken his medication and that he was going to die anyway and that he was OK with dying and that he was going to kill all of the police officers," Tuff told the network."And that he wanted me to know that he was not going to hurt me," she said. "And I told him OK, and that it was going to be OK."Tuff said she encouraged Hill to surrender and offered to stay with him until police arrived. When he agreed, she said she helped him unpack his extra ammunition before officers came.
    What led Georgia school gunman to give up - CNN.com

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    Congratulations to Antoinette for keeping calm and pressing the fight in her own way. She was successful and that's what counts.

    On a side note. The big picture is still being missed.
    "He said that he hadn't taken his medication and that he was going to die anyway
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