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    British "super recogniser" cops watch camera footage for known offenders in carnival crowds

    More than a million people are expected to descend on the Notting Hill carnival this weekend but watching overhead will be a team of police"super recognisers" who have been selected for their ability to spot known offenders among the crowds.But as the two days of celebrations get under way along the carnival route, 17 specialist officers will be holed up in a central control room several miles away in Earls Court monitoring live footage in an attempt to identify known offenders.
    The Met has 180 so-called super recognisers most of whom came to the fore in the aftermath of the London riots when they managed to identify more than a quarter of the suspects who were caught on CCTV footage.The officers will have access to 80 cameras that can zoom in to track suspects as well as roving police camera teams. The aim is to spot known offenders or potential flashpoints and direct officers on the ground to prevent crimes being committed.
    Police 'super recognisers' to keep watch over Notting Hill carnival | Culture | The Guardian

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    I'm reminded of a study, just a few years old, where pigeons were better than humans and computers at facial recognition. Sheep, vultures and pigeons were all higher, forget which was best.

    Now humans taking their jobs. Someone is to blame. Globalism?



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