My headline is better, but for the sake of giving a site credit I'll leave theirs be. I don't see the benefits as real, do see lots of actual expense for the motorist - pickups with bumper hitches will have to go to Swedish styling camp. If you see the upside, let me in on it.

California Could Be First to Get Electronic License Plates…But Would They Be Like a ‘Moving Wiretap’?

California has jumped ahead of other states with passage of a bill that would allow for an electronic license plate program — at least as a pilot to start. But some worry about the privacy issues the system, which could change messages on a car’s plate, could have.


According to The Sacramento Bee, the plates would be like a digital 12-by-6-inch computer screen. Generally, the plates would have only the license plate number, but the technology could also display Amber Alerts or facilitate toll payments as well.

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The prototype license plates are still being developed by Smart Plate Mobile, a Bay Area company that supports the legislation, said Jim Lites, a lobbyist who was hired by the company.


The proposal has been promoted as a way to improve efficiency for owners of large numbers of cars and trucks to reduce postage costs for the DMV.

The DMV spends an average of $20 million a year in postage for license plate renewals.

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