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    City Manager overrides Police Chief

    COLUMBIA, S.C. Columbia officials have overridden a decision by interim police chief Ruben Santiago to order two officers to march in the South Carolina Gay Pride Parade even though they did not want to participate.
    Santiago had ordered a lieutenant and sergeant to join eight other officers in last Saturday's parade even though they cited religious beliefs in their opposition.
    On the day of the parade, City Manager Teresa Wilson and her assistant met with Santiago and reached an agreement to make participation in the parade voluntary since there were then enough officers to march.
    Santiago says the agreement included no disciplinary action for the officers, whose names were not released.
    Wilson says the department's participation in the parade was an important signal of the city's commitment to inclusiveness.
    City overrides police chief on gay parade in South Carolina | Fox News

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    At first glance... I don't know the people or the history. There's a whole community of back story we're missing.

    Hopefully they work out a local solution.

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    I agree... I don't get why the cops are marching in the parade. Different if they're just working it.
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    Insane order by the chief. There were officers who apparently wanted to march in the parade - fine. Let it be at that. Why order those who clearly did not desire to march?!? What a maroooon.
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    Like Odd said, I think there is more to this story. I think it's fine for a chief to want to show a community that the PD accepts them and want to foster a positive relationship between the PD and that community. And having officers march in that community's parade is a good PR way to try to extend a hand to that community. I can understand that some officers may not want to march in a gay pride parade or a black pride parade or a Puerto Rican pride parade, etc., whether the reason is religious or not. It is a worthy debate to have on whether or not an officer should be exempt from working that assignment or not. However, where I think there is more to the story here is that I find it hard to believe that in a department as big as Columbia, they couldn't find enough officers either wanting or willing to work that assignment to march in the parade. I know of one gay CPD officer (though we've barely talked), and even though SC isn't a very gay friendly state at all, there has to be some officers that would get paid to march in the parade like the chief wants. Makes me wonder if there's more to the story as to why the officers picked were picked. I just doubt that the chief couldn't find officers to march in the parade.

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    They were to march in the parade as participants, not performing a Law Enforcement function. I wound object to. Like being Ordered to participate in a political rally in support of someone you don't support.



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