Chaos erupted after the first student was shot. Children ran screaming and crying. Almost everyone on the playground sprinted away from the boy who had just fired a pistol at his schoolmate.Not Michael Landsberry.The 45-year-old math teacher calmly walked toward the gunman as he crossed the basketball court. Landsberry raised his hands to show he was no threat.He tried to reason with the boy.A student who witnessed the shooting said Landsberry was trying to make the shooter put his weapon down. He did not. "He took the shot right then and there," the witness said.The entire tragedy unfolded in a mere three minutes. A popular teacher, coach and member of the Nevada Air National Guard lay dead.
That child, the 12-year-old shooter, later turned the 9 mm pistol on himself. His identity has not been released.Landsberry couldn't save the shooter or himself, but he did delay the gunman from going immediately after more victims.
Slain Nevada teacher Michael Landsberry hailed as a hero -

Rest in peace.