Elliot dived into the snow, put on his mask, crawled to a fence and went under it. Then he went to an area where prisoners are transported in and out of the facility, and used a leather belt and his hands to unravel the fences so he could slip through, he recalled during the 20-minute interview.He knew he couldn’t get through the other fences, but the sally port gate presented an opportunity — it lacked the same concertina wire and electric fences.“So I made my way to that,” he said. “And that’s what I went through.”
“I went up to the car and I said, ‘Hey move over,” Elliot recalled. “She said, ‘No I’m not doing anything.’ ”He told her he was convicted of murder and just escaped from prison before getting in the back of her 2004 red Jeep Liberty.
The woman drove to a gas station in Middlebury, Ind., and he changed into a dry pair of her cargo pants and some undergarments that she had stashed in the Jeep.He took the keys and went inside to pay, and the woman, who had a cell phone, called 911 and then said she needed to use the restroom.Elliot took off in her jeep and she stayed in a locked bathroom waiting for police to arrive.“Right as I was taking off, I seen the store clerk acting funny,” he said. “And then as I’m pulling away I seen the cops come.”
Second car, and arrest

He ditched the Jeep before stealing a car and was arrested in Kankakee Township trying to outrun deputies. Elliot remains in the La Porte County Jail as officials in Michigan work to bring him back to the state, a process that could take weeks.
'It was relatively simple,' says Ionia prison escapee | Detroit Free Press | freep.com