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    Thumbs down VA Hospital visit

    This past Sunday (Easter) while visiting my wife at the Cemetery, I stopped by he A Hospital where I have a appointment (finally after a years wait) to check it out as I haven't been up there in almost 20yrs. I spot a VA Police car up in one of the parking lot so I head towards him. I must add that when I enter the grounds of the hospital I saw enough NO WEAPONS sign to make a Brady Bunch of wackos blush, among with tons of other Don't Do signs. Since I was carrying was more cautious then ever. As I pull up and greet him he loudly informs me that I had just BLEW a stop sign. Maybe, I don't know as I was focused on him ,and informed him so. He shouted, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! I looked at him and said Huh? He again asked What I was going to do about it. now if go from confused to pissed off. So I said t him, kinda snotty, want me to go back and try again? At this time, he told me to pull over in back of him. He walked up o my back window and asked What did I want. I politely asked him how do I get out of the Hospital Grounds and back on the highway. He says, The same way you got in here, by the front gate.

    Now I know that they have a small area to police and make a damn good salary, but .....damn, try to be nice on Easter. Never did get to ask him my question. I'll just wing it when I go next month.

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    That's too bad. I met a couple of them at the local VA and they were nice and polite to me. I guess it goes to show that you can't train attitude.
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    Hopefully that was just a bad day.
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