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    Chick Flicks found to be good for men

    It's Friday night. You and your guy are looking for something to do... and from your perspective the more romantic the better. In other words (and pay attention guys), you're looking for something to put you both in the mood. So what should you two spice-seeking love birds otherwise exhausted by the rigors of the week do?

    Letís consider the options:

    Thereís always a candlelight dinner... (Did I hear you say... boring?)

    How about take out and TV? I know, I know, weíve all been there, done that... three days this week!

    How about a walk on the beach? That could be nice... But, itís still a little chilly out at night Ė even without the ocean breeze.

    So whatís left?

    Researchers at the University of Michigan have got the answer, and itís surprising, time honored and true. They say you should go to a movie. Specifically, a chick flick.

    I can hear the chorus: A chick flick? Are you serious?

    You just canít imagine that your guy, the number one fan of Saw II, is going to sit happily through The Bridges of Madison County in re-release, never mind feel like having a go afterward, right?


    Researchers tested the hormone levels of three different groups of men and women who were shown a variety of movies (The Bridges of Madison County, The Godfather: Part II, and a documentary on the Amazon rainforest). Watching The Bridges of Madison County caused both menís and womenís progesterone levels to surge, triggering the urge to cuddle. "Progesterone is known to have anxiety-reducing, soothing effects," Oliver C. Schultheiss, associate professor of psychology at the University of Michigan and co-author of the study told MSN. In other words, romantic movies can calm you down and help you bond...

    Whether you snuggle up or heat it up of course, is up to you!

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