Over on the other site, a guy named 1042Trooper or whatever. often posts a senario of crimes or situations in progress..... and asks how people would handle them.

Recently, he posted a senario which just became reality in our city. A parent catching some scumbag trying to abduct their child.....


Boy averts attack, Man broke into home

May 27, 2006

A man snuck into a Shelby Drive home early Friday morning, entered a 12-year-old's bedroom and tried to tape the boy's mouth shut, police said.

The boy woke up and screamed, awakening his parents and older brother. The attacker fled after the boy started resisting, said Capt. J.E. "Chip" Harding of the Charlottesville police.

The suspect had left the front door open and propped open the storm door so he would have a direct escape route, Harding said.

"We don't know if he intended to abduct this child out of the home, or commit some kind of assault on him," Harding said. "You don't know what his intent was. It doesn't sound like whatever he was up to was going to be a good thing."

It may not have been the attacker's first visit to the Shelby Drive home.

On May 13, a thin to medium build Hispanic male in his early 30s was seen trying to break into the same house, police said.

When a neighbor asked what he was doing, the man said he was doing some work on the house and left, Harding said. Though the boy didn't get a good look at his attacker Friday morning, police think it may be the same man.

"Right now, we assume we're looking for this Hispanic male," Harding said.

Residents and police said Friday morning's attack wasn't the first such incident in the neighborhood.

On May 13, a man stuck his hand through the open bedroom window of a house on the same block of Shelby Drive, police said.

A resident made a noise, and the would-be intruder left.

Shelby Drive resident Joshua Gilbert said he was a little "freaked out" by Friday's incident. Gilbert unlocked a trio of locks before opening his door Friday afternoon, a new precaution, he said.

Gilbert, a 17-year-old Charlottesville High School student, said he is aware of half a dozen attempted break-ins on Shelby Drive in recent weeks, including at least one at his home.

Gilbert said his family recently discovered a hose stand moved and positioned to serve as a step-up to their deck.

On another recent morning, the window screen outside his younger brother's room was pulled out and found in the yard, Gilbert said. The teenager said the fact that the window doesn't open more than a few inches might have prevented an incident.

Gilbert also said another neighbor had recently confronted an intruder in his home.

Another Shelby Drive resident said he isn't aware of any previous criminal activity in the area.

Charles Duff said he is aware of the recent rash of burglaries, but isn't changing his behavior aside from "checking the locks and all that."

"It's normal, nice and quiet," Duff said of his street.