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    Feds Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants In MN

    (AP) Bloomington, Minn. Federal agents are aggressively tracking down and deporting illegal immigrants in Minnesota as part of a national crackdown on aliens who have disobeyed their deportation orders.

    Agents are now showing up each day on the doorsteps of immigrant families, in contrast with the past, when the nearly 600,000 people nationwide under deportation orders had little to fear as long as they weren't charged with other offenses.

    Some of the tactics used by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency have drawn protests.

    On Friday, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, interim Police Chief Tim Dolan and the Minneapolis City Council asked immigration agents to stop their practice of identifying themselves as "police."

    Tim Counts, spokesman for the ICE office in Bloomington, said this is the first time the agency has had a systematic program for rounding up people with outstanding deportation orders and sending them home.

    "When somebody was ordered deported (in the past), and was not in our custody, we were surprised if we ever saw them again," Counts said Friday. "We would send them a surrender letter. We jokingly called it a 'run' letter. It was a surprise when someone actually obeyed it."

    What changed is that earlier this year, the Minnesota region got funding for a fugitive operation team, one of several ICE has been installing nationally. Counts wouldn't say how many new agents or dollars are involved, but he said they're now hard at work.

    "That's why there's this surge in the apprehension of fugitives in Minnesota," said Counts, who estimates that ICE now is capturing one deportable immigrant each workday.

    Rosalba Valenzuela is among the Twin Cities residents who have seen the approach close up. She said her daughter woke her up about 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 31 to tell her some men were there. She found that her 11-year-old son had let in two men who identified themselves as "police."

    Valenzuela said they showed her a photograph of a black man she did not know and said they had information he was in her house. When the agents asked to search it, she consented. Only later, she said, when the men went to her sister-in-law's house using the same tactic did she realize who they were -- ICE agents searching for her brother.

    Agents found him later that day. He was deported to Mexico three days later, she said. His wife and children eventually followed because they had no way to support themselves, Valenzuela said.

    "It really bothers me that they came to my house with all these lies," said Valenzuela. "We expect people to be honest."

    Minneapolis city officials on Friday asked ICE to stop its agents from identifying themselves as "police." That practice is deceptive and ultimately discourages residents from cooperating with city police, the city officials argued.

    Counts said ICE agents call themselves "police" because it's a universally recognized term, similar in several languages.

    "Our agents follow accepted law enforcement procedures," he said.

    I'm glad to finally see some enforcement action, but what worries me is how uncooperative Mpls is.
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    I noted the date of the story, which conveniently comes AFTER Bush's speech about sealing the border with NG Troops. But if you do some research on the story, I believe they actually did those sweeps nation wide a week or two BEFORE Bush's speech. What most people do not know is that most of the arrestees were held in detention until AFTER Bush's speech and then released. I AM NOT a conspiracy nut. There is simply something very dirty in DC!! All this can be confirmed by just surfing credible news outlets on the net. All the major talk shows in Denver confirmed the dates and they arrested 38 total in one day just in Denver, releasing 36 after "the speech" on PR Bonds. I.E., "Please come to court when and if you want to.........uh, or else we'll do it again!......." The two they kept had to actually post a dollar amount because they were violent offenders.

    Example sources: Gunny Bob Newman on AM850KOA
    Peter Boyles, AM630KHOW
    Matt Drudge, "The Drudge Report"
    "The Weekend With Mike McConnell"

    I feel sorry for the actual ICE Agents who are trying to do their job, but are getting played by the blue-blood, holier-than-thou dickheads in Washington. You have my sympathy, guys!



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