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    Mayor referrs to black Fire Chief as King Kong at a staff meeting....oops

    SOME things you just donít say. And anyone who has been around as long as Mayor Carty Finkbeiner ought to know better than to call an African-American ďKing Kong.Ē Itís hard to believe, but thatís how the mayor referred to Toledo Fire Chief Michael Bell at a staff meeting last week.

    Not surprisingly, Mayor Finkbeiner denies that he intended to offend anyone, and on that point, heís probably sincere. Who among us hasnít spoken before thinking and instantly wished we could have the comment back?

    But the mayor has been a public servant for decades, including two previous terms as mayor, and he has enjoyed substantial support in the black community along the way.

    How could he not know how deeply insulting it always is to blacks to hear themselves referred to, even via a fictional character, as an ape? The mayorís office says the reference was to the fire chiefís physical strength. So why not a less troublesome comparison, to say, Samson, or Hercules? Or better yet, just talk about the chiefís strength in the abstract. No need to give it a name.

    Why the mayor would use such a reference to compliment Chief Bell is incomprehensible. Even as a bad joke, it doesnít work.

    The chief, who was on his way to the meeting when the remark was made, said that before he could consider whether the remark was intended as a racial slur, he needed to understand the context in which it was made.

    While thatís very gracious of the chief, the context shouldnít matter. The reference was insulting.

    Toledo has been down this road before, and once again the cityís image is hurt. Toledo has been fighting to attract jobs, gain respect, and stop the brain drain.

    The last thing the community needs is for this to thrust it back into the national spotlight, making Toledo the butt of jokes ó again. City leaders will be hard pressed to tout Toledo as a progressive city and convince talented and skilled workers to make this their home when the mayor utters even unintended racial slurs.

    The reference was disparaging. Mayor Finkbeiner needs to apologize to the chief and to the city.

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    But its ok for NEWLY RE APPOINTED Mayor Hershey Himself to talk about the CHOCOLATE CITY???
    damn that is reverse and double standard.
    I mean it was not appropriate but come one, grow some ba!!s and dont go ape-sh!t..

    Did I say that out loud
    A monday morning lunatic, disturbed from time to time. Temporary catatonic madman on occasion..

    Lightning crashes a new mother cries, her placenta falls to the floor. The angel opens her eyes,the confusion sets in before the doctor can even close the door..
    The views and comments of E-man are mine and mine alone and therefore might not reflect the views of others or people in my current department. As such since this is still America I can post what I want without fear of retribution. I think.

    RIP Eric

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    Remember the guy from DC that called some action "niggardly" and the dumbshits thought it was a racial slur.
    When I used to be somebody (I'm center top)

    "A burning desire for social justice is never a substitute for knowing what you're talking about". -Thomas Sowell-

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    So...the guy it was supposedly aimed at isn't insulted...but the media is going to be insulted on his behalf?

    Get the hell outta here!

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    To me King Kong means a very big person with a very hairy body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheriff
    To me King Kong means a very big person with a very hairy body.
    with a taste for blondes...
    ` ` ` ` < ` )___/\
    `` ` ` ` (3--(____)
    "...but to forget your duck, of course, means you're really screwed." - Gary Larson

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    Very strong and agile. Gentle with pretty women.

    A Smile

    A smile cost nothing, but gives so much.

    It enriches those who receive it,
    without making poorer those who give.
    It takes but a moment, but the memory
    of it sometimes lasts forever.

    None is so rich or mighty that he
    can get along without it,
    and none is so poor but that
    he can be made rich by it.

    A smile creates happiness in the home,
    fosters goodwill in business,
    and is the countersign of friendship.

    It brings rest to the weary,
    cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad,
    and it is nature's best antidote for trouble.

    Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed,
    or stolen, for it is something that is of no
    value to anyone until it is given away.

    Some people are too tired to give you a smile.
    Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile
    so much as he who has no more to give.

    - author unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky
    with a taste for blondes...
    hmmm I must be king kong then.......because I have ........... oh never mind, hehehehe
    Any Post I make is my opinion only!
    I do not have the authority or the permission to post for my Sheriff's Office.

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    I don't see a problem. Just the liberal arsed media blowing something out of proportion again.

    "I am the guy that keeps Mister Dead in his pocket." -'Mad' Max Rockatansky

    "An Englewood Ranger is no stranger to Danger.." -Unk

    Good Night Chesty Where Ever You Are.

    A Good Friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you in the cell saying, "That was Awesome."

    God Made Police Men so Fireman Would Have Heroes.

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    King Kong ain't got shit on me!

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    So what if the chief was white, then it's OK?

    We are the thin blue line
    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roses
    Very strong and agile. Gentle with pretty women.
    You obviously know me. Do I know you?



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