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    What's Canada going to do?

    Now that there has been a large terrorist plot uncovered against Canada, what do you think the reaction of the average Canadian will be? Will this be something that will be accepted as "a part of today's world," or will the people and the Gov't. be ready to fight back? I'm curious.
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    They won't be scared until something actually happens, is my bet. And it will, before long. We're all due, as much as I hate to say it. May not be as big as 9/11, but something is bound to happen.

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    What are they going to do indeed?


    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it." -- Frederic Bastiat

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    I wish I could speak for all Canadians, but sadly I'm in the minority.

    What Canadians, (and liberal americans) don't want to open their eyes too is that fact that this has been going on for 1400 years. There is nothing new about Jihad other than it happening over here.

    The big example is obviously 9/11, but there are much smaller examples, such as:

    - In Canada, our big one is Mark Lepine shoots 27 women, killing 14 of them in a Montreal University. His name before he changed it - Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi. He was a Muslim raised to hate western women by his Algerian father.

    - In both Canada and the US there have been incidents for years of "crazed" people stabbing people outside of synagogues. They aren't crazed, they are Muslim

    The media in Canada will go so far out it way to not stir up the hornets nest, it sickening.

    In europe there are governments forming on both sides of the fence because the Muslim population growth is overtaking theirs and soon they will be the majority. Then guess what - Shari'a Law.

    The Netherlands now boots out any Muslim convicted of a crime no matter how small. Last year they apparently booted out 26,000 of them.

    For 1400 year they have no been able to get along with non-muslims, and it's not going to change anytime soon. It's only going to get worse, as western democracy allows them to vote in so called extremist government, like Hamas in the PA, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Eygpt.

    Sorry to rant, but people up here in Canada are so asleep. A few were even blaming Bush for the arrests, saying he forced Harper to make this crap up.

    Someone call the minutemen and mobilize them on 0 Ave, I'm heading south!!!

    Sheriff, I hope you have room for us at your place!

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    You echo my thoughts, Cst. SB.

    People are asleep, and resistant to accept that not only us Canadians, but the non-Muslim world is in danger.

    For some reason, these people think that acting is unsavoury. I wish it was acceptable to clout them over the head whilst shouting 'wake up you ignorant clod!'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HockeyChick
    You echo my thoughts, Cst. SB.

    People are asleep, and resistant to accept that not only us Canadians, but the non-Muslim world is in danger.

    For some reason, these people think that acting is unsavoury. I wish it was acceptable to clout them over the head whilst shouting 'wake up you ignorant clod!'.

    Being Politically correct is going to end up costing a lot of lives.
    "The statements and opinions contained in this communication do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Commission regarding these issues."

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    I just watched a program on the CBC called "The Enemy Within", and it started of strong and then turned in a Michael Moore style peice of liberal garbage.

    Basically a CBC reportor goes over to Europe and talks to people about the rise in extremist Islam (which I consider most moderates to be). In Europe they have come to dsicover is that their own multi-cultural and embaracing of diversity has almost cost them their national identities.

    I for one, believe diveristy is good thing, we need different people, with different ideas and ways of doing things. But, there also needs to be a common thread or goal, towards maintaining the identity of the nation you immigrate to.

    If you immigrate to the US, you should become an american and celebrate all of what that means. You shouldn't come to the US (or Canada) and expect to change laws, impose your beliefs, and to change to culture to the one you just left.

    No one says, that you have to lose your cultural identity, or that you can't teach or share with your children your native lands culture and language. All people should do is respect the country that allowed them to immigrate.

    Back to Europe, it's gone crazy there and in the documentary they spoke to a group of Muslim men and asked about "fitting in" and they laughed and said, "we could care less if we fit in". Why? because they have everything they want. They women walk around in burqas, they can live off social assistance and have enormous families, and go to the mosque. It's not much different than the old country. And there in lies the problem - the clash of cultures that pisses off the faithful

    It's why you have terrorist flying planes into buildings, driving SUV's in university students standing at bus stops, stabbing jewish people in New York, etc

    Ad it's worse in the less developed world, Indonesia before Christmas 2 12 yr old Catholic school girls were beheaded, Thailand has 1300 people killed in the last year by so called Muslim extremists, and the Philipines is on the brink of civil war because of Muslim terrorism.

    And we in the North America are so asleep to the situation, ask you friends how many terrorist attacks have occur since 9/11, and you'll get the standard answer, "A lot, like maybe 20", well try over 5000 in 60 nations.

    And like I said in an earlier post, this is not new. It wasn't cause by Bush Sr or Jr, the cause is the Qu'ran. Just like it says that if a woman is raped she needs 4 male witnesses to say it was a rape, or she's confessed to adultery and should be imprisoned or put to death. The Qu'ran says that the infidels and cursaders should be killed where ever they are found.



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