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    Dallas Chief Kunkle Fires 9 Officers

    More openings in Dallas

    Nothing here yet... But Glenn White said on TV last night that some of the firings seem politically motivated and/or unfounded to him. Glenn White usually has it right, but this time I'm not so sure.

    POSTED: 5:29 pm CDT June 8, 2006
    UPDATED: 6:51 pm CDT June 8, 2006

    DALLAS -- Last week, Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle fired five officers, and he terminated four more on Thursday.

    Kunkle fired a sergeant for allegedly not reporting subordinates who violated department policies.

    He fired another officer who was recently arrested on drunken driving charges.

    The chief terminated another officer who allegedly exposed himself in public.

    He said he had heard 400 disciplinary cases since he took office in June 2004 and that he was tired of a few bad apples spoiling the department's image.

    "I'm trying to send a clear message that we will get our house in order and we'll be, we'll deal with the issue of misconduct," Kunkle said.

    In the wake of the actions, officers said they want the focus to remain on the majority who follow the rules and serve the public.

    "We also realize that the image of the police department's got to be maintained. The chief has right to discipline his employees," Officer Glenn White said. "And we're just going to continue to move on and do the best job you we can. You call 911, we're going to come to your house."

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