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    Man shot six times expected to survive

    27 a.m. June 10, 2006

    LEMON GROVE A man shot six times in an argument in Lemon Grove was expected to survive, a sheriff's lieutenant said Saturday.
    The shooting at 1855 Skyline Drive occurred about 10:15 Friday night, sheriff's Lt. Jim Bolwerk said.

    The man, whose name was withheld, got in an argument with two other men, one of whom shot him six times, Bolwerk said.
    The victim, with wounds from his thigh to his shoulder, was hospitalized with stable vital signs, Bolwerk said.

    The shooter and his companion fled after the shooting, he said. Sheriff's deputies were investigating the crime as possibly gang-related, Bolwerk said

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    You wnat to know how he survived?

    Grape Pop and Flaming hot cheetos.....that is the secret to the super soldier serum. Only "they" know that.

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