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    Wife's Severed Head Flies From Truck When Man Crashes

    Wife's Severed Head Flies From Truck When Man Crashes

    Police Found Wife's Headless Body At Home

    UPDATED: 5:52 am CDT June 16, 2006

    BOISE, Idaho -- The severed head of a man's wife flew from his pickup truck Thursday when he crashed into an oncoming car, killing the driver and her child, police said.

    The head, which landed on the roadway after the crash early Thursday, is unrelated to the accident.

    Investigators said Alofa Time, 51, was driving erratically before the crash.

    The man was taken into custody after a Boise police officer witnessed the fatal crash Thursday -- and then discovered the severed female head that was ejected from Time's vehicle.

    The officer had been following the man's pickup truck on a city street when Time began swerving and then crossed into an oncoming lane of traffic. His vehicle struck another car, killing 36-year-old Samantha Murphy and her 4-year-old daughter, Jae Lynne Grimes. Another child in Murphy's car was injured and in stable condition at a Boise hospital.

    Police interviewed Alofa Time, who was not injured, and then obtained a search warrant for his home that he shared with his wife, where they found the headless body of his wife, 47-year-old Theresa N. Time. Police said she likely had been dead for several hours.

    A police spokesman called the case "nothing short of bizarre and tragic."

    Time was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder in the double-fatal traffic crash.

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    Some weird shit.

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    Scary and gross. That one goes in the weird stuff happens category.
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