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    Talking Ramsey Man Accidentally Digs Himself Into Hole

    (WCCO) Minneapolis A Ramsey, Minn. man who was digging a hole in his front yard ended up half-buried when the ground collapsed under him on Thursday afternoon.

    The accident happened at 144th and Radium St. NW. Half of the man's body was buried in the ground, although he was able to call police on his cell phone.

    He sustained no major injuries, but couldn't free himself. When help arrived on the scene, they were able to free the man from the hole after he had spent approximately two hours trapped.

    Authorities say that the reason for the ground collapse is that the man hit the main water line underneath his lawn, which caused the ground underneath to become saturated and weakened.

    The man has been taken to Mercy Hospital for observation, and is expected to be released quickly.


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    "call before you dig" moron.
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