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    Gold Hunter Digs 60-Foot-Deep Hole In Front Yard

    Gold Hunter Digs 60-Foot-Deep Hole In Front Yard

    Fire Officials Shut Down Makeshift Mine

    POSTED: 10:01 am CDT June 15, 2006
    UPDATED: 10:14 am CDT June 15, 2006

    MONTCLAIR, Calif. -- California man Henry Mora has big dreams of gold.

    Mora said his electronic gold detector began beeping near his front patio two weeks ago.

    So Mora started digging. And digging.

    He said he only intended to go down three or four feet, but the detector kept hinting he was getting closer.

    By the time authorities fenced off his property this week, the hole was 60 feet deep.

    Fire officials found two men Mora had hired inside the unreinforced hole using a bucket and rope to remove dirt.

    Fire Capt. Rich Baldwin shut down the makeshift mine and said it's amazing no one got killed.

    Baldwin said Mora will have to pay for a licensed engineer to shore-up and fill his hole.

    Mora admitted that his search got "totally out of hand."

    Still, he said he doesn't regret starting the dig, because he thinks there's still gold in the yard.

    Which is more brain damaged... the man who started digging, or the men he hired to dig deeper?

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    LOL! Can you say OCD? Would've been cheaper for him to go buy some gold.

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    I'm wondering about his "electronic gold detector." If it just started beeping, did he think that maybe gold just grew or was in season or something? Last time I checked, there wasn't a specific gold detector, just metal detectors.
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