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    More reasons to shop at Home Depot...


    Drugs found stashed in Home Depot cabinets

    June 14, 2006

    SOUTHWICK, Mass. --For the fifth time in a week, a stash of drugs was found in a cabinet purchased at a Home Depot store in Massachusetts.

    A plumber in Southwick discovered 40 pounds of marijuana and three kilograms of cocaine stashed in a bathroom vanity he'd purchased at a Home Depot in Chicopee for a home renovation.

    Southwick Police Lt. David Ricardi said a second stash was found at the Chicopee store and at least two more were discovered at a Tewksbury Home Depot. Police found more drugs in a fifth cabinet, but Ricardi would not say where or when it was discovered.

    One of the Tewksbury stashes was discovered June 8 after a homeowner brought home a cabinet and found 50 pounds of marijuana.

    "It's a smuggling operation gone bad," Ricardi said. "Somebody owes some money."

    Tony Pettigrew, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, confirmed Wednesday that his agency was investigating, but declined further comment.

    A statement from Atlanta-based Home Depot said the company was cooperating with investigators. The company declined further comment.

    Ricardi said the plumber discovered the drugs in Southwick on Monday after he bought the vanity. The man noticed the vanity top hadn't been included in the package and instead found two plastic bags containing the drugs stuffed inside. Ricardi said the drugs were worth $200,000.
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    Bonus days at Home Depot.
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