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    60-page clout list is 5,000 strong

    Call it a Who's Who of city clout.

    Excerpts of a list of more than 5,000 names that was never supposed to see the light of day were projected on a large overhead screen in federal court Monday as part of the criminal trial of Mayor Daley's former patronage chief, Robert Sorich.

    The 60-page list gives the most detailed snapshot yet of politicians, powerbrokers and mayoral friends vying for city jobs or promotions for their families, friends and supporters.

    The list was kept on the laptop computer of an employee at the mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. Prosecutors contend it was part of a corrupt scheme to rig the city-hiring process to award city jobs and promotions to people doing political work for Daley.

    Patricia Molloy, a former secretary of Sorich, testified Monday that the computerized list she kept ran from 1989 to 1997 and that Sorich later told her to shred paper copies of similar lists.

    Prosecutors call the scheme illegal. Defense attorneys for Sorich and three other former city employees on trial contend their clients were following orders as part of a long city tradition and never intended to commit crimes.

    The list released Monday shows the names of candidates for jobs or promotions. It notes in some instances what ward the person is coming from and often notes the person's political sponsor. The list is not clear on whether the candidates got their jobs or promotions, although in many instances they did.

    Not all candidates fared well.

    "Arrogant," read one note on a man seeking a city job. "Shot his own foot again."

    11th Ward appears over 450 times

    Three Daley brothers, Cook County Commissioner John Daley, former U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley and Michael Daley are on the list as making a few recommendations for job seekers. Other job candidates are referred to on the list as friends of the mayor.

    A secretary of Mayor Daley's offered names for job candidates, and one of his bodyguards, Sam Roti, tried to get his wife a city post too.

    Current or former mayoral friends, including trucking magnate Michael Tadin and businessman Oscar D'Angelo, grace the list as sponsors.

    The Rev. Jack Wall, pastor of Old St. Patrick's Church downtown, which Mayor Daley attends, recommended two people.

    Daley's political base, the 11th Ward, came up more than 450 times as the sponsoring ward for job candidates.

    Gov. Blagojevich, whose administration is accused of having its own clout list, is on the city list one time -- for referring his own employee for a city post back when Blagojevich was a congressman, his spokeswoman explained.

    Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan is on the list for referring people. So is the man likely to replace him, the Democratic nominee for sheriff, Tom Dart.

    Many times, the list is a family affair, with the clout-heavy trying to help family. Mayor Daley's former deputy aviation commissioner, Robert Repel, for instance, asked the city to hire his son, Michael, in July 1996. Seven months later, Michael Repel was arrested for breaking into a car. He pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to three years in prison.

    While on parole, Michael Repel, 33, was hired in November 1999 as a city laborer. He has a lengthy arrest record and once admitted to being a gang member.

    Bruno Caruso, who was forced out as boss of Laborers' Union Local 1001 because of his alleged ties to organized crime, repeatedly asked city officials to give jobs and promotions to his union members as well as his family.

    Caruso and the union sought jobs or promotions for several cousins as well as his cousin's wife. Caruso declined to comment on the list -- as did most people contacted.

    "I don't have any comment on anything related to the trial," said Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th), whose name appeared on the list more than any other aldermen.

    Carothers made his requests before becoming alderman. He was working as a high-ranking Streets and Sanitation official and was a key lieutenant in Daley's political army.

    "I'm getting ready to leave on vacation. A man just pulled up to get me. I have to leave right now," Carothers said.

    'All my guys were qualified'

    A spokesman for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White acknowledged White made some recommendations but always believed the candidates were qualified and never thought anything improper would be done to get them jobs.

    Political operative Dominic Longo, of the controversial Coalition for Better Government group, made no apologies for going to bat for his people. "All my guys were qualified," Longo said.

    Charles Bowen, who retired two years ago as Daley's liaison to black ministers, appears frequently as a sponsor.

    "It wasn't for any benefit for me. It was because I thought somebody deserved a position," Bowen said.

    "Why would I apologize for doing something I think is right? I wouldn't apologize for that. Absolutely not."

    Chicago Sun-Times

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    No way, that never happens in any city. Especially a City as Corrupt as ours. you must be joking. The paper is lying. I wonder how many of CPD's bosses are on it? In the infamous words of our mayor,
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