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    You Come any Closer and I Swear the Flamingo Gets It!!!

    Ransom sought for stolen yard decorations
    June 20, 2006

    BY STEVE SCHMADEKE Daily Southtown

    Mary Husa drops the severed wooden head of a flamingo onto her dining room table. "They took his body," the Frankfort Square resident says of her lawn ornament. "The note was there under the poor little guy's head." A week ago Monday, Husa's husband, Jim, rose early and noticed something fluttering outside the front door of their warmly decorated home, not far from a "Welcome Friends" sign. It was a ransom note, held in place by the flamingo head.

    "To whom it may concern, if you ever want to see your precious flamingo again please clean the (expletive) out of your yard," the note began, according to Will County sheriff's police.

    Along with the headless flamingo, the Husas lost a pineboard Dalmatian dog that was near their lamp post and Mary's beloved cast-iron cat, which for years had looked ready to pounce from the corner of a front-yard flower box.

    "That cat's been out there for 16 stinkin' years. Nobody's taken it. They know I decorate around here," Mary said. "Everyone is always commenting how nice the front yard looks when they go by."

    The note, written in red and black ink on lined notebook paper, also told the couple to leave $25,000 in fake money and some Boone's Farm wine "at the White Hen behind the Twist-N-Shake (ice cream parlor)."

    If the instructions weren't followed(they weren't), the lawn ornaments would meet an untimely end, the note said.

    "It used a lot of foul language too," said Mary, in her mid-60s. "But it was so neatly written. It was a girl's printing."

    'Kind of creative'

    Sheriff's police called the ransom note unusual.

    "It's the first, I can tell you that," Sheriff's Officer Dave Siegel, who took the call, said, saying it's an open investigation.

    Sheriff's spokesman Pat Barry acknowledged that holding lawn ornaments for ransom was "kind of creative."

    A phone number written on the note rang to a 16-year-old Mokena girl's cell phone, but she was ruled out as a suspect, he said.

    The Husas do not think any neighborhood children were behind the theft of the decorations.

    And they still have some of their favorite lawn ornaments -- another flamingo, an umbrella-shaped flowerpot holder as tall as a person and a plaster boy lying underneath their front-yard tree.

    But the Husas are more wary these days.

    "I left the lights on [Sunday] night," Mary said.

    Sun-Times News Group

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    Lawn ornaments just can't get justice anyplace lately.

    Someone stole our gnome from the front of our house once, very depressing time in my family.
    Thereís a promise I need you to make
    While Iím gone you take care of the love
    And Iíll deal with the hate.

    Donít worry about me; Iíll be all right
    Just care for your children and sleep tight
    Iíll keep you safe on my watch tonight
    On My Watch Tonight - Mike Corrado



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