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    Cop killer claiming insanity, saying the devil and evil spirits were after him

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- In the two weeks before he allegedly killed a Providence police detective with the officer's own gun, Esteban Carpio's behavior was by turns bizarre and frightening, according to his family members and girlfriend.

    There was the talk of devils and the fear of being cursed; there was the paranoia, the sleeplessness, the random curse words repeated over and over again to ward off evil spirits.

    Such peculiar conduct is at the heart of Carpio's insanity defense to the April 2005 killing of Detective Sgt. James Allen inside police headquarters.

    A murder trial that had until now focused on the presentation of physical evidence shifted on Monday to a detailed discussion of Carpio's mental health as his uncle, mother and girlfriend took turns recounting his unsettling behavior in the days leading to the shooting.

    Carpio was taken to police headquarters late on April 16, 2005, to be questioned about the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman earlier in the day. He is charged with grabbing Allen's own service weapon, shooting him twice at close range and then breaking out an adjacent office window to escape. He was captured on the street after a violent struggle with police and made his first court appearance with a badly bruised face partly covered by a protective mask.

    Carpio's attorney, Robert Sheketoff, began presenting his insanity defense this week and is arguing that his client was too mentally ill at the time of the shooting to be held criminally responsible.

    Relatives testified Monday that Carpio was preoccupied by fears that he was pursued by an evil force. He uttered curse words repeatedly to keep evil spirits away and even wore a string around his waist, given to him at a Buddhist temple, in hopes of staying safe.

    "I heard him say that the devil's trying to get him. I heard him say that he's cursed. I heard him say 'What?' a couple of times when no one was speaking to him," said Yvonne Carpio, describing her son's demeanor during an April 2, 2005, car ride from Pawtucket to her home in Boston.

    Carpio's girlfriend, Samein Phin, recalled Carpio that saying he was "the finest gold" and talking to himself and to his hand.

    "He was telling me that somebody did voodoo on him and he was scared," Phin 24, the mother of Carpio's 4-year-old daughter, testified.

    Both Carpio's mother and his girlfriend said they took Carpio to hospitals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for evaluation two weeks before the shooting. Yvonne Carpio said she called for an ambulance on April 2, 2005, and had her son taken to Boston's Faulkner Hospital, where he stayed for about four hours before being released with five prescription sleeping pills.

    Phin said she warned detectives who were looking to question Carpio about the stabbing that he was in the throes of a nervous breakdown, had not slept recently and was not in his right mind. She said she gave Allen the same information at headquarters and asked him not to question Carpio without her present. She said Allen offered to get Carpio help if he needed it.

    Prosecutor Paul Daly will have an opportunity to rebut Carpio's insanity defense.

    He has tried to show that Carpio was keenly aware of his actions, saying he gave false information to detectives, seized an opportunity to be alone in the conference room with Allen, shot him in the chest and head with his own semi-automatic handgun and then shot out a nearby window in a semicircular pattern to escape.

    Prosecutors plan to seek a punishment of life in prison without parole if Carpio is convicted of murder. He would be committed to the state mental hospital if acquitted by reason of insanity.

    Stephen Heisel, a psychiatrist who interviewed Carpio in July 2005 and again last January, testified for the defense that Carpio was mentally ill at the time of the shooting and suffering from a psychosis characterized by distortions and misperceptions of reality.

    Heisel said that someone suffering from a psychosis could still be able to walk, talk and perform other functions. He said Carpio suffered from delusions and had hallucinations.

    He said Carpio suggested that he had inherited a curse from his father and was fearful of a devil or evil force that he thought could hurt trick him.

    Heisel said Carpio, because of his mental illness, was unable to conform his behavior with the requirements of the law.
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    Oh screw him. Get the needle, quick.

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    I didn't even have to read it to agree with Growler. But I did. And I still do. You got demons, boyo? I got the cure.
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    Oh no question he's crazy- he killed a cop. Still no reason this boil on the ass of society shouldn't be lanced, however.
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    he should sure as hell be locked away forever at least...
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    I think we have a candidate for ballistics testing. Let's take him out back and try out a few different brands and calibers of ammo on him and post the results on LEF.

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    I was there that night; this was the second of 4 shootings in a 30 min time frame in the City. I was filming the scene of a local Asian gang member that took one in the head; well it was a graze. A few of his “BOYS” where taken in for questioning because they where not cooperating with PD on the scene.

    When one of the detectives at the scene yelled out “HIS FRIENDS ARE SHOOTING UP CENTRAL STATION” and we all took off for the main Police and Fire Headquarters for Providence Public Safety.

    They originally assumed it was a member of the Asian gang that was inside with a gun. No one ever thought it was someone else that over powered a Detective and grabbed his duty weapon at first.

    When we got there the place was being evacuated and every UPO in the city was on the way along with RISP; since this was a LEVEL 1 response all off duty personal was recalled as well. The communications center is housed in a separate building so they where not affected.

    A short time later they called for the rescue and transported Det. James “JIMMY” Allen to Rhode Island Hospital with multiple GSW. Which he did not survive.

    Caprio then shot out a third floor window and jumped to the ground below and ran to a local bar a few blocks away and said he had $500.oo cash and wanted them to call a cab because he family emergency and needed to get to Boston or New York right away. Standing there covered in blood he waited for the cab. The driver had heard of the shooting and informed PD he may have the shooter calling for a cab.

    There where so many cruisers around Central that they just about all had to run to him on foot.

    He was found at the bar and put up a fight; well it wasn’t much of a fight with 800 Providence Cops, 2 dozen State Troopers and a bunch of FBI Agents on him at once. He was arrested and taken to the Rhode Island State Police barracks in Lincoln RI.

    Estaban Carpio was not a suspect at the time of being questioned and there for he was not restrained and Jimmy still had his sidearm. Carpio was being questioned as a possible witness in relation to the mugging and stabbing of an 84 year old woman a few hours earlier in the City since he was found in the van used in the attack.

    Right before the time of his arrest there was a Double Shooting in the Smith Hill section of the City out side a troubled bar. One male shot in the leg and the other in the arm.

    Det. Sgt. James “JIMMY” Allen was a 27 year veteran of the Providence Police Department and the 3 Officer killed in the line of duty since 1994. He survived by his wife and 2 daughters and his father; a retired PPD Captain.

    The departments Memorial Page for Allen can be found at http://providencepolice.com/jimmyallen.html

    As a freelance news photog at the time I was filming this for a local news station as well as the other shootings that night. I even filmed parts of the funeral procession.

    I had met Jimmy a few times. Hhe was a good man and is sadily missed.

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    You put down a mad dog.

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