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    Couple Allegedly Stealing Patrol Car

    BROOKHAVEN, Miss. Jun 23, 2006 (AP)ó A Louisiana couple is charged with stealing a Lincoln County Sheriff's Department patrol car and crashing the vehicle into a pole as the deputy gave chase in the couple's Toyota.

    David Andrew Beck, 35, and his girlfriend Linda Gaudet, 46, both of Pearl River, La., were waiting the back of the police cruiser while the deputy searched the couple's vehicle, authorities said.

    Beck is accused of climbing out of the back window of the patrol car, jumping in the driver's seat and speeding off.

    As the couple rode away in the patrol car, a sheriff's department's narcotics agent followed in the Toyota and called for assistance on his personal radio, authorities said.

    Sheriff Wiley Calcote did not identify the officer.

    Beck fled at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour down Interstate 55 and several Brookhaven city streets before crashing into a utility pole, Calcote said.

    "I don't know why he decided to drive through downtown Brookhaven," Calcote said. "I'm just glad he didn't hit anybody coming through town as fast as he was going."

    Beck sustained a scratch on his leg, Calcote said. Gaudet was taken to King's Daughters Medical Center.

    "She was in the back seat of the patrol car. When he hit that pole, that threw her head into the cage," Calcote said.

    During a search of the Toyota, authorities found crack cocaine and marijuana, Calcote said.

    Beck has been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and other charges.

    Gaudet has been charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of Xanax.

    ABC News

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    They'll probably sue, you know for the faulty police car that ran them into a pole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongTail

    Sheriff Wiley Calcote did not identify the officer.

    Like the Looney Tune?
    "If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge." -- Ronald Reagan, in the wake of the deaths of 4 CHP troopers in the Newhall Incident, 1970

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    I thought that when I read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Post#83Chief
    They'll probably sue, you know for the faulty police car that ran them into a pole.
    lol... of course... you know they would've done better in the mighty toyota...
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    I would pay to see a the BG's car chasing the squad full of BG's...

    Unless it was my squad



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