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    Victim of home break-in ends up in jail

    Victim of home break-in ends up in jail
    By From NBC12 News
    The victim of a home break-in in Colonial Heights is in jail Monday while his attackers are still on the loose. Police say the victim called 9-1-1 for help Saturday night after being robbed, tied up and whipped with an AK 47. So, why was the victim taken into custody?

    Police say they found what appeared to be several bags of powdered cocaine, an undisclosed amount of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The victim-turned-suspect is a former Virginia State University football player.

    Charles Zollicoffer reportedly heard a knock at his front door around 10 p.m. Saturday night. When he asked who it was, the person responded: “It’s blue.”

    Colonial Heights Police Department Lt. William Anspach says, “It’s a sign that it’s one of the football players. He opened the door and allowed them to gain access.”

    Police say three men forced their way into Zollicoffer’s apartment. Two of the men were masked and one was carrying an AK-47. Lt. Anspach says, “It’s a military weapon.”

    Police say the victim was pistol whipped with the weapon and was tied up along with his girlfriend. The victim tells police the suspects were looking for a safe with money in it. Zollicoffer says they only got away with two cell phones and his .45 caliber handgun.

    Detectives eventually obtained a warrant to search the victim’s apartment, Lt. Anspach says, “In fact, we uncovered a fair amount of cocaine and a fair amount of marijuana.”

    Zollicoffer is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

    As for the suspect, Lt. Anspach says, “Especially in this type of crime … it does take us to another level, where we’re definitely doing everything possible to get these suspects off the street.”

    Zollicoffer is out on bond tonight. Virginia State University head coach says the defensive tackle was cut from his team two years ago because he broke rules during practice.


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    We see this all the time at our department. Drug dealers doing home invasion robberies on drug dealers.....so, is there really a victim?

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    I'm not Hindu but damn if karma ain't a bitch.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGalCop
    We see this all the time at our department. Drug dealers doing home invasion robberies on drug dealers.....so, is there really a victim?
    We just had an incident here where a guy was stabbed in the face and neck; he knew his attacker......but refused to tell us who it was, and requested no criminal charges be filed....

    The phrase "drug deal gone bad" is echoing in the back of my head...
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    Not knowing the area , or if this was a house in a residential area or an apt with no peep hole etc , my first thoughts are .

    I dont buy the victims story , I think theres more to it than the way he gave it , he had to show why he would be opening door so the reason he gave would seem justifiable to someone asking , and a plausible reason for collecting on insurance no questions asked .

    If these alleged perps were looking for money or a safe , it would seem they would be tearing things up looking around for hidden cash and find the drugs ,so why didnt they find the drugs before the cops did ?

    Its not out of the realm to set ones self up for a few injuries to make an insurance claim .

    Just a thought ....

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    I was gonna get angry because I thought they were gonna say the victim was in jail because he shot them - But never mind

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    Can you be PISTOL whipped with an AK? Surely that would be AK whipped, or Assault Rifle whipped? Fools.
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    All Im gonna say is thugs takling care of thugs helps all of us on the street. Less ciminals to deal with



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