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    Cop Witnesses Shooting, Apprehends Suspect

    Cop witnesses shooting, apprehends suspect June 27, 2006

    Police say they have a suspect in a shooting in which two people were injured on the South Side early Tuesday afternoon.

    Ambulances responded to reports of two people shot near 47th Street and Michigan Avenue about 12:20 p.m., according to Fire Media Director Larry Langford.
    Two victims were transported to area hospitals in "yellow" or "fair to good" condition, according to Fire Media Cmdr. Will Knight, correcting initial reports that said three people were transported. One person was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and one to Provident Hospital of Cook County.

    Police have reports of two people shot, Wentworth District Lt. Joseph Berry said, but he could not provide additional information.

    Apparently, a police officer witnessed the shooting, then chased down and apprehended one of the two suspects involved and the weapon, Langford said.

    "We are currently looking for a female that was in the car with the shooter," Berry said. Police believe that the woman may have witnessed the shooting.

    Wentworth Area Detectives were investigating.

    Sun-Times News Group Wire

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