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    Man Threatens Officer In Open Court

    Click the link to see the video.

    Man Threatens Officer In Open Court

    POSTED: 1:54 pm EDT July 5, 2006
    UPDATED: 5:28 pm EDT July 5, 2006

    A man appearing in Steubenville court on drug charges left facing even more charges after threatening to kill a probation officer in open court.

    NEWS9's cameras were rolling Wednesday morning as Cassius Hawkins was arraigned on felony one drug charges and misdemeanor charges for excessive tint and driving under suspension.

    But during the arraignment, Hawkins, of Columbus, began arguing with the prosecutor.

    "I don't want no bond," Hawkins said during the court proceeding. "Only thing that I want is my wife be let go. I don't want no bond."

    The judge then ordered that Hawkins would go back to jail without any chance of bonding out.

    But on the way out of the courtroom, Hawkins had more to say to a probation officer who assisted in his arrest.

    "Next time you point your gun at me I'm killing you. I'm going to get you next time," Hawkins said.

    Now, in addition to his other charges, Hawkins is charged with aggravated menacing.

    On Monday, State Trooper Greg Mamula pulled Hawkins over for excessive window tint and called for Jefferson County probation officer Tom Wedlake's K-9 unit.

    Mamula put Hawkins and his wife inside his patrol car while Wedlake's dog sniffed the car. Officers said they found a large bag of crack cocaine and then Hawkins forced himself out of the car, hitting two officers and taking off on foot down the street.

    When officers caught up to Hawkins, Wedlake pointed his gun at him. When Hawkins still did not surrender, police pepper sprayed him.

    "He didn't want to be captured," McCafferty said. "He gave all the officers a tough time, and he continues to do so. "

    Hawkins' wife, Shantel Brown, was also arraigned Wednesday on drug possession charges stemming from the same traffic stop.

    -Renee Cardelli & Julie Grant, NEWS9

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    We had that happen to one of our people that work on the North side of the city, and not to long ago one of the guys on my team as well as myself were threatened in the hospital by a guy we got for armed robbery.

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