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    Paster hit by lightening.


    You really have to wonder what he did to deserve that.

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    EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. - A Cashmere pastor was briefly knocked unconscious by a lightning strike.

    44-year-old Martin Hernandez was treated at Central Washington Hospital and released. He says he was working at a home in east Wenatchee when it happened Wednesday.

    "It's like you lose your mind for a second," Hernandez told the Wenatchee World Thursday night.

    Hernandez, a pastor at Cashmere Spanish Four Square church, says he's not sure where exactly the lightning struck. He remembers a very large flash of light before he lost consciousness. When he awoke, he smelled something burning.

    Doctors found no problems and he says he feels better - just not quite himself.

    He said, "I just feel like I'm here but not here."

    He'd been doing landscaping work at the home of Sheila Kane, and was in his car when the strike occurred.

    Kane said she also has no idea where the lightning struck, only that it did. She said a light switch flew off a wall at the house, and the strike disrupted electrical service.
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