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    Red face Officers surround house to negoiate with suicidal woman...to bad she isn't there

    PORT ANGELES -- A five-hour standoff between Port Angeles police and a reportedly suicidal woman with a knife Friday afternoon ended without a bang, or a whimper.

    She wasn't there.

    Police responded to a house on the 1500 block of South K Street at 1:30 p.m. after a woman told 9-1-1 dispatchers that her adult daughter had barricaded herself inside with a knife and was suicidal.

    At least four officers and one Clallam County sheriff's deputy responded to the scene.

    One officer watching the back of the residence was armed with an assault rifle.

    Police closed off the street immediately in front of the house and began attempting to make contact with the woman.

    First negotiators tried then the phone inside, then used a ``throw phone'' common in crisis negotiations, and finally blared a bullhorn siren.

    Neighbors watch

    Meanwhile, neighbors and children stood outside, watching.

    A State Patrol bomb squad robot device was brought to the scene, Port Angeles Police Cpl. Kevin Miller said Saturday.

    The robot was deployed inside the residence, but couldn't find her.

    The house was empty the whole time, Miller said.

    Officers cleared the scene at 6:17 p.m., he said.

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    Hasn't everyone done that got a containment on an area to send the dog in or get the helicopter to search only to find nothing.

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    God I hate it when that happens!
    Everybody is entitled to MY opinion!

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    This happened in a city about 20 mins away earlier this year, the Michigan State Police got there with their fancy equipment from downstate, after like 6hours, then come to find out some time later the person wasn't in the house. Oops.
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    I just watched an episode of Dallas Swat that I recorded - they gassed & tore the shit out of a house looking for a murder suspect, but he wasn't there.

    They were not happy campers, because the guy had killed his girlfriend with an AR-15 and burned her body.

    He turned himself in 2 days later I think - Probably after he saw what they did to his house

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