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    Drug War Police Tactics Endanger Innocent Citizens

    Drug War Police Tactics Endanger Innocent Citizens

    Feel free to read this liberal whiner's crap and respond to him using the link at the bottom of the article.

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    You know, the article actually started out pretty good, IMO. He brought up some valid points that should challenge the way one thinks.

    Then, his logic starts to unravel.

    Therefore, police have to rely on informants to tip them off to whose dealing, and where. These informants are notoriously unreliable.
    Excellent point. Strangers or people you've only just met can be very unreliable...

    As I've begun to write about this issue, many more victims of these raids have called or emailed to tell me their own stories - most of which never made it into the newspaper.
    Unless of course these strangers are people that email you stories that fit your agenda, then they must be true.

    Of course, even if the suspect is guilty of small-time dope use or dope dealing, I would argue that that doesn't mean there's justification for kicking down their doors and invading their homes as they're sleeping.
    I've often argued that illegal drugs should be legal. But, the reality is, they aren't. Everyone knows they aren't. So if you are "small time dealing" and you get your door kicked in at 3am, consider it cost of doing business.

    It's just a bad article all around. The writer's agenda is clearly drug prohibition, but he's using the wrong platform. If you want drugs legalized, just write an articale about that.
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    I've always found FOX news to be unreliable. They routinely bring on people with opposite viewpoints to their right-wing bias; and these people usually hold opinions that are in the minority and these people obviously cannot articulate well enough to defend themselves. What I'm saying is, FOX regularly brings on dummies with an opinion that makes no sense.

    Then the newspeople at FOX rag on these idiots and belittle them on live television. It's sensational television and leaves little room for facts. In my opinion, it makes for poor news-telling and is tabloid-esque. I am of the opinion that FOX "news" broadcasts are skewed, biased and they do not make any effort to have objective and factual stories.

    CNN used to be pretty good, but I've found lately they like to make sensational stories as well.

    I'll stick to BBC or CTV for my news sources.
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    Libertarian would be a better description for the author; he does work for Cato after all.

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    IMHO, most of the people who manage to get airtime, on either side, tend to represent the extreme. I can't say I'm fond of extremists of any kind, I'm really more of the "middle of the road" viewpoint. Hence, I do tend to avoid talk shows, debates and quasi-news reporting. If I want someone else's opinion, I ask someone I respect, not some random inflamitory nutjob that the media has elected as their spokesidiot.
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    ...and of course, as this guy talks about knocking down doors, dragging people out of bed at 3am, and cuffing them at gunpoint... he fails to mention that this is done so the dealers cant get to their guns fast enough for a counter-attack...
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    The thing to most notice about this article is how he barlly glosses over the fact these are only done with Search Warrants. Says that its based on routinely unreliable information. But doens't at all mention that a Judge has to agree that the information is reliable enough for a warrant.

    Nor does he mention that the increase in the use of SWAT teams has correlated with the increase in the violence in drug crime. Its all easy for him to say when its not his life on the line when serving these things.

    While its only a guess, its obvious this guy comes from the legalize drugs crowd (as many Libertarians are.) If we can't legaize it, we can try to lax enforcement by saying its harming innocent civilians. The same way California legalized medical marijuana by saying it was for terminally ill cancer patients. While now doctors are writing blank check pot prescriptions for back pain.

    ***This is off topic, but I patrol right on the AZ side of the AZ/CA Border. I LOVE catching people with pot and they say "but I have a prescription." Thats nice, but not only does AZ not recognize prescription marijuana, possesion is a felony here***

    Sorry, got off on a tanget there But yeah, I prefer Fox News to the other news outlets, but thats not saying much.

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    I think its like any media article, they pick and choose to make it sound good from their point. As a SWAT Team commander for over ten years and working with other teams in our area, I'm aware of one time another team hit the wrong house. Safety records have been great.

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    Let me summarize this article:

    click HERE !!!

    click HERE !!!
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