Some people would pay alot of money for this sort of thing. I wouldn't normally post a story like this but I found the convicted criminals quote in the 5th paragraph quite funny. He thinks speeding in more serious than drink driving and failing to provide a breath sample

No charges for 124mph police ride

Mr Cox was driven at more than 90mph in a 40mph zone
A motorist who was driven at 124mph by a police officer said he was disappointed at a watchdog's decision not to prosecute.
Robert Cox, 52, from Woodville in Derbyshire was stopped by police in 2004 but refused to give a breath test.

He was taken to Derby Police Station, at speeds of up to 124mph which were confirmed by the car's in-board camera.

An officer received a warning but was not prosecuted because the speed was uncovered six months after the offence.

High-speed ride

Mr Cox said the officer drove at a speed of 91mph before driving at 124mph on a dual carriageway.

"They stopped me for supposedly breaking the law yet they went ahead and did far worse," he said.

He went on to receive a 15-month driving ban for failing to provide a breath test.

Although an advanced police driver...speeds were not proportionate or appropriate to the situation

IPCC statement

The IPCC said it was unable to prosecute the officer as by the time it was brought in to investigate the complaint, six months had passed and legally it was unable to pursue charges.

If officers are to be taken to court, a Notice of intention to prosecute must be issued within 14 days of the incident otherwise a prosecution cannot take place.

Derbyshire Police confirmed that an officer had received a superintendent's formal written warning on his record but no further action would be taken.

In a statement, the IPCC said its investigation concluded that the officer concerned, "although an advanced police driver, had travelled at speeds which were not proportionate and appropriate to the situation.

"As a result of this, the IPCC recommended that the officer receive a formal superintendent's written warning."