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    Parents of the Year forced to give award back after the little arson/assault thing

    Three days after winning parents of the year honors in South Carolina, a Myrtle Beach couple returned the award amid revelations he is on probation for arson and recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

    A father of three adult children, Nabil Khalil and his wife Nargues, who have been married for 25 years, were recognized as part of the Parent's Day Council as outstanding parents and members of the community. Similar events meant to "uplift parenthood" are held across the country, according to web site for the Parent's Day Council, which is affiliated with the Washington D.C.-based American Family Coalition.

    Nabil Khalil, 61, said he was innocent and didn't need any "headaches." His family's privacy was more important to him than any award, he said, declining to elaborate further.

    Tim Murphy, state director in South Carolina, was stunned Tuesday night to learn of the charges. By Wednesday afternoon, he said, Nabil Khalil had given back the award. The group was looking into Khalil's background, something they failed to do at the outset, said Murphy.

    State Law Enforcement Division records show that in March of 2006, Nabil Khalil was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to second degree arson charge.

    The prosecuting solicitor said obstruction of justice charges are pending against him on allegations that he tried to convince a witness to lie for him.

    The arson case dates back to May 2004 when a fire damaged a Willow Run apartment Khalil owned. Khalil also had separate simple assault and battery and attempted criminal sexual conduct charge that were consolidated to disorderly conduct, for which he was fined, according to the Myrtle Beach clerk of courts.

    Murphy described the nomination process that culminated with the selection of the Myrtle Beach couple as "pretty informal."

    He said the Khalils, recommended by one of their friends, beat out four other couples. "I felt he had good character, was well spoken, very distinguished and his wife was very charismatic," said Murphy, who met the couple over lunch a few weeks ago and later talked with their friends and clergy who knew them.

    "Everything I heard was positive," he said, adding he was impressed with the pair. "I got glowing testimony and they seemed like good people."

    During the ceremony Sunday, the winning couple received a plaque and letters from politicians, including a commendation from President Bush, were read to the small gathering.

    Afterward, they dined at a local eatery with Murphy. In light of the gaffe, Murphy said the state chapter will make some changes in the future.

    "I think we will require a lot more reference and cross checks to build a better network with who we are dealing with," he said.

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    "and his wife was very charismatic," said Murphy"

    aka nice tatas?

    and I wonder if he wasn't a good parent....always good to his kids......just a piece of crap to the rest of society?
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