A state trooper who was allegedly involved in a sports-gambling ring has resigned, his attorney said.

A letter of resignation by James Harney of Evesham appears on a blog maintained by his attorney Craig Mitnick.

Harney's resignation is effective today. He is scheduled to appear in Burlington County Superior Court at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Mitnick declined to say why his client would be in court.

Harney, former Flyer Rick Tocchet and a third man -- James Ulmer of Woolwich -- were charged in February with running the gambling ring.

The ring had run for years, authorities said, and it generated about $1.7 million worth of transactions during the 40-day period state investigators monitored the operation.

Janet Jones, the wife of former hockey star Wayne Gretzky, and several current NHL players placed bets with the ring, authorities said. Neither Jones nor any other alleged bettors have been charged.


Trooper in alleged gambling ring resigns

Dear Colonel Fuentes,

I am writing you to submit my resignation from the New Jersey State Police and from my position as a New Jersey State Trooper effective August 2, 2006. I do so with a heavy heart. Service with the New Jersey State Police was not only an honor but a privilege that I was afforded in October of 1997.

For the eight years that I held the position as a New Jersey State Trooper, I developed a tremendous respect for the New Jersey State Police, all of the troopers I directly worked with and for the Attorney General's Office. That respect has only deepened over the course of the past several months.

During the past several years, my personal judgment has been severely flawed. That judgment has caused me to reflect upon my own values and morals personally, and to reflect upon my position as a New Jersey State Trooper professionally. I am truly sorry for the humiliation and disgrace that I have caused to the Division of State Police. The New Jersey State Police carry with them the highest of standards and operate at all times with the highest of morals. The scar that I have placed upon the Division is inexcusable and was never contemplated by me.

My actions must be judged personally and should not reflect upon any of your members as they are good, honest and hardworking individuals.

I never considered the repercussions of my personal actions. After much reflection, I clearly see the situation that I inadvertently placed upon the Division of State Police.

I will continue to accept responsibility for my actions and will continue to be absolutely forthright. The disgrace which I have placed upon the Division, myself and my family will remain with me forever.


James Harney
Wednesday, August 2, 2006