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    Question Short term thinking.

    Short-term gain initiatives damage ability to effectively fight crime; 13th July 2006

    The government must stop micro-managing the police service! That is the message from the Police Federation of England and Wales following the publication of the quarterly crime statistics which shows that, despite most crime rates remaining stable or decreasing, an alarming 8 per cent increase in robbery. (More...)

    This increase comes just a year after the termination of the government’s high profile ‘Street Crime Initiative’ that was set up in March 2002 to address a rise in muggings. At this time ten forces were allocated millions over a three year period.

    Jan Berry, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says: “Pumping cash into short term initiatives can have a direct negative impact on other areas of crime in the community. We only have to look at the Street Crime Initiative which saw a fall in robberies in the short term until the money for the individual initiative dried up. Another crime issue becomes popular with politicians who set new targets for the police service and we see the number of street robberies slowly begin to rise again; in this case an increase of 8 per cent in a year.

    “More recently we saw money and resources ploughed into providing adequate policing for the introduction of 24 hour licensing. Time will tell if 24 hour drinking causes disorder now the money has gone and we’re back to policing with already overstretched 24/7 response resources.

    “Bearing this in mind, the service should be congratulated for ensuring that there has been no increase in many of the other crime rates in spite of the unnecessary restrictions placed on the allocation of resources.

    “By obsessing on single areas of crime and directing one-off pots of money to reduce single issue crime targets in the short term, the government is in danger of neglecting the delicate balance of local policing. The government has made available a great deal of money for over 30 crime and disorder initiatives which need long term resourcing if they are to be truly effective and not just a temporary sticking plaster on a bigger problem. “

    Further information: Police Federation press office on 020 8335 1000

    Notes for Editor: For more information of crime related government funding
    streams look at www.crimereduction.gov.uk


    I am wondering if other countries, states, provences, areas, counties, cities manage crime the way our government does were politicians not police chiefs decide where to spend money in fighing crime?

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    You guys have the same problem over there; all the most qualified people aren't on the job. They just stand on the sidelines and tell us how to do it.

    Poor, poor pitiful us.

    We are the thin blue line
    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.

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    Huh. Politicians messing with stuff they don't understand. Gee. I am suprised.
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