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    Capital Officer Charged In Teen Prostitution Case

    WASHINGTON -- A U.S. Capitol Police officer has been charged with sexual abuse after he allegedly made videotapes of himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl, News4 reported.

    The girl said she was working as a prostitute for Arron Jahimal Burroughs, 35, of Crofton, who is a former Prince George's County volunteer assistant junior varsity football coach.

    Until now, only Burroughs had been charged in connection with the case.

    According to court documents, Sgt. Michael Malloy told authorities he and Burroughs videotaped themselves engaging in sexual acts with the girl at Malloy's home in Charles County.

    Malloy has been charged with first-degree child sex abuse while armed. Burroughs has also been charged with sexually abusing the girl.

    Malloy's attorney said his client has been a Capitol Police officer for 15 years and has an "unblemished record." U.S. Capitol Police could not be reached for comment.

    Malloy is due in court on Monday for a bond hearing.

    Sources told News4 Friday that the teen was videotaped having sex in the Charles County home of the Capitol police officer. The source also said that the officer had sex with the girl in a car near the Capitol building.

    News4 reported Friday that the law enforcement officer's car was taken and his home was searched for evidence.

    Burroughs allegedly sexually abused the teen and then began transporting her from Maryland to the District so that she could engage in acts of prostitution.

    According to court documents, Burroughs was arrested Monday after a Takoma Park police officer found the girl and another man having oral sex.

    Burroughs had rented a room for the girl to use with customers at the Budget Inn on New York Avenue in D.C. But, she was picked up by a man in the car, who paid her $150, the documents said.

    Authorities said the girl told police she was a prostitute and that Burroughs was her pimp.

    The teen also allegedly told police that she had been working for and having sex with Burroughs since she was 14.

    Investigators then had the girl call Burroughs and ask him to come pick her up from the Budget Inn. When he arrived, police arrested him.

    Sources also told News4 Friday that in June, Burroughs left the girl in Staunton, Va., with a group of men who were recently released from jail and the teen later called relatives to pick her up.

    Sources also said that Burroughs gave discounts to friends and family.

    According to court documents, Burroughs also took several "nude, sexually graphic pictures" of the girl on his cell phone camera.


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    Sounds like some cop's job is lost, as well as his life. The other guys life is finished as well. But that won't ever make up for the life they stole from that little girl along time ago.
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    And in case you don't speak Latin.......If you want peace, prepare for war.

    I've been places, seen and done things that would make most cry. I've fought along side and against better men then most I come across day to day, i've put my life on the line more then once for things you take for granted and for those you have lost respect for. I don't tell you this for your pity or respect but for you to remember me.

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    Yep. Goes to show you.... can't trust your own.

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    Belay that, Ironman. I trust my own just fine. I have to. The guys that back me up may have all kinds of shit in their closet, but I trust 'em until I find it. As far as this guy, okay, he is a shit. Doesn't mean my sergeant is.
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    I agree, the bad apples make up a very, very small percentage in this business. The majority are damn fine people, and even better officers. Its the few like this guy that give us a bad name. But I too will continue to trust my fellow officers till they prove otherwise to me.
    "An Unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." Jeff Cooper

    Some people are meant to be the police......Some people are meant to call the police!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by conalabu
    Belay that, Ironman. I trust my own just fine. I have to. The guys that back me up may have all kinds of shit in their closet, but I trust 'em until I find it. As far as this guy, okay, he is a shit. Doesn't mean my sergeant is.

    On the street covering my ass, yeah I have to "trust" you. But over the years I have seen all too many scandals, thefts, and all sorts of crimes committed by other LEOs.

    There are very few people I trust, with a badge and without. When the time comes, are you convinced that your fellow officer will be there for you? A few months ago there was a story (Chicago PD or Dallas PD I believe. I can't remember exactly where) where an officer was in a fight and two other officers ran away, leaving him there to fight. Numerous counts of cowardice that can get you hurt/killed.

    Then you have the cops that are slow responding to calls for back up, or dangerous calls and will wait for others to get on scene because they are pussies.

    All inspiring loads of confidence.

    Is it rare? Of course. But be aware that there are worthless shitbags everywhere. Even with a badge. Same with people..

    Most people are good, as are most cops. But all it takes is that one fuck up to ruin your day.

    Trust with me is earned. You don't earn my trust simply by having a badge. You are very naive if you think that. All you have to do is look in the news, and you will see fellow LEOs getting arrested. Its a very small number, but like I said, all it takes is that one.

    Trust no one (With VERY few exceptions)
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