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    GEEZ, chill out mom

    Teen arrested after mom found in freezer

    Utah police seek return of slain woman’s 18-year-old son from Montana
    The Associated Press

    Updated: 7:18 p.m. CT Aug 10, 2006
    BOUNTIFUL, Utah - An 18-year-old wanted for questioning in the death of his mother, whose body was found stuffed in a freezer, has been taken into custody in Montana, police said Thursday.

    Jeremy Hauck was arrested without incident by Missoula police at a motel on Wednesday night, said Bountiful police Detective Randy Pickett.

    Hauck was arrested for investigation of automobile theft, Pickett said. His mother's blue 2001 Toyota was found at the motel.

    Detectives from the Bountiful Police Department traveled to Missoula to interview the teenager, but he declined to speak to police on the advice of an attorney.

    Hauck is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Missoula's 4th District Court, said the Missoula County attorney's office.

    Bountiful police will be seeking Hauck's extradition back to Utah, Pickett said. An arrest warrant for Hauck for investigation of first-degree murder was issued Thursday, Pickett said. He said search warrants were also obtained for the motel and the car.

    The body of Laura Hauck, 52, was found Monday in a chest-style freezer at the Bountiful condominium where she lived with her son. It took two days for the body to be identified because it had to be thawed to be removed from the freezer.

    The Haucks had not been seen since last Friday. Police were called by relatives to check on the family Monday. When officers entered the Hauck home they found a bloody mattress, shells from a .22-caliber rifle and the body.

    Police had been looking for Jeremy Hauck and the blue Toyota Corolla since Tuesday.

    People close to the family described the teenager as very quiet and a good student, with no history of violent behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sgkelly

    People close to the family described the teenager as very quiet and a good student, with no history of violent behavior.
    Yup. And he sang in th choir. Of course he did wear that black trench coat all the time...
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    Boy,thats a chilling story



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