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    Will the 4th time be the charm? - Hickory Creek dumps another Police Chief

    Strange happenings - They've gone thru a lot of Chief's and Officers lately, but they have great BBQ - Look for the giant black & white pig BBQ pit on I-35 North of Lewisville!!!


    Departure comes after several officers left in his 6 months at helm

    12:00 AM CDT on Thursday, August 10, 2006

    By PEGGY HEINKEL-WOLFE / Denton Record-Chronicle

    Hickory Creek, Texas - The Hickory Creek Town Council bought out its police chief's contract less than six months after he was sworn in.

    Police Chief Chad Brinlee's departure came Friday, two days after the council called him in for a special performance review.

    Chief Brinlee could not be reached for comment.

    His departure followed the recent resignation of two other officers: Casey Littlefield, a seven-year veteran, and patrol Sgt. Aaron Yates, whom Chief Brinlee promoted soon after he became chief this year.

    Council member Rick Fengler said town officials called for the special review because they were concerned about why those two officers left and because of other issues within the department.

    "Their loss wouldn't have been enough by itself, but there were other issues, and we went further back than that to when he first became chief," Mr. Fengler said. "We needed to know why we were losing our most skilled and experienced officers and how to stop it."

    Jeff Johnson, a cyber-crimes investigator who had received special training from the U.S. Secret Service, resigned near the start of Chief Brinlee's tenure, as did Officers Tim Dial and Craig Hubbert.

    After Chief Brinlee's special performance review Aug. 2, the Town Council voted to buy out his contract and allow the town administrator and town attorney to negotiate terms.

    Town Administrator Mike Deason would not give a specific reason for Chief Brinlee's departure, but he indicated that the council authorized paying out the remaining portion of his one-year contract, or $35,616.

    His total salary was $65,000.

    "He leaves in good standing," said Mr. Deason, who is coordinating the department until an interim chief can be selected.

    The council will consider the search process for a new chief at its meeting Tuesday, Mr. Fengler said.

    Chief Brinlee was an officer in Hickory Creek before leaving for a job with the Dallas Police Department. After three years, he returned to Hickory Creek as a patrol officer in April 2005.

    He took over as acting chief last fall after the Town Council offered early retirement to longtime Police Chief Ed Musgrave, who was also serving as an interim town administrator. Assistant Police Chief Jerry Garrett soon followed. By the time Chief Brinlee officially assumed the helm on Feb. 21, half the town's police force had left.

    He made several hires and promotions at the start, including Officer Littlefield and Sgt. Yates.

    When fully staffed, a dozen officers patrol a mix of rural areas and bucolic neighborhood developments, where most of the town's 2,200 residents live, in addition to several commercial properties near Interstate 35E and eight public parks, including five U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks on Lewisville Lake.
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