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    Police: Mother Slowed Down So Teen Could Shoot Man

    15-Year-Old Suspected of Shooting Man With Semi-Automatic Rifle

    Pamela Jones

    (CBS) GARY, Ind. Police in Gary, Ind., say a mother and her son teamed up Wednesday to murder a man.

    The mom was driving when detectives say she slowed down to allow her son to fire a semi-automatic rifle in a busy neighborhood.

    CBS 2 Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones reports that the alleged gunman and victim had a close relationship.

    "She said, 'when mama say shoot, you shoot.' Now what kinda' mess is that for you to tell your son?" said neighbor April Collier.

    Gary neighbors are outraged after news that a mother may have helped her 15-year-old son shoot and kill a disabled man on Wednesday.

    Area residents say they've heard the adult suspect order her son to hurt other neighbors before.

    “She told him July the second, 'shoot, baby, shoot,'" said neighbor Allegra Barronette.

    Police say the mother was driving and stopped near Jermaine Martin's home. Detectives say the woman's son got out and fired the weapon, hitting Martin in the back.

    The crime was allegedly committed by people Martin thought of as family.

    "He even raised the little boy that shot him, helped raise him. He was like a father to that boy,” said Martin's mother, Katheryn McLin.

    Family members say it's ironic the shooting happened just steps away from a church across the street. They're also questioning whether it stemmed in part from an accident where Martin was allegedly driving the suspect's car four years ago.

    "This happened four years ago. Then all of a sudden, she just turned a hate toward him,” McLin said.

    Back at the victim's home, dozens gather to remember Martin. They say he worked to overcome a learning disability by enabling others to care for each other.

    "Anything he could do for anybody, he did it." said Katheryn McLin.

    Police say the 15-year-old accused of pulling the trigger will face a hearing to determine whether he'll be charged as an adult or a juvenile.

    They say a 16-year-old also riding in the car will be released.

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    I had a homicide once when the dumbass passenger tried to shoot some guy on the other side of the street. He held the gun over the roof of the car, but apparently had it pointed downward. The bullet went through the roof and killed his own driver! Too bad that didn't happen here.
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