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    Man bites woman in ass after she ends their relationship

    Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysian man turned violent and bit his ex-lover in the buttocks after she decided to end their relationship, a local report said Thursday.

    The 54-year-old man had taken his girlfriend out for a ride by the beach in the eastern Sabah state, but got a rude shock when she informed him she wanted to leave him.

    The angered suspect then turned violent, punching his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and breaking her nose, before biting her in the buttocks, the Star newspaper reported.

    Fearful for her life, the injured 39-year old woman then told the man she had changed her mind and would not leave him, the report said.

    But the woman lodged a police report as soon as the suspect left.

    State police have said they will be detaining the man on assault charges

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    I think I would have had to leave out that he bit my ass. Unless, it was a cute officer, then I would have to make sure he took pictures lol. Sorry!
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    And the problem is..

    remind me not to move there!!!



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