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    Ri Trooper Under Investigation....

    From the files of the ACLU run-amuck....

    Rhode Island State Trooper Thomas Chabot is under fire and under investigation by a wing of the ACLU for doing his job.

    In July Trooper Chabot stopped a vehicle on Rt 95 for moving vehicle violations. After the stop he found 14 illeagle immigrants in the vehicle and turned them over to the I.C.E.

    The complaint states he had no right to turn them over to Immigration and that he over steped his authority in doing his job.

    In other news Providence Police lastnight responded to an auto accident where the drivers of one of the vehicles had poorly forged passport and immigration documents from Guatemala.

    The direver admited to being an illeagle was was arrested for driving with out a license and held ofr deportation.

    So what does this mean our Police Force can not arrest Criminals now? I mean come on give me a break. A guy does his job and gets thrashed for it.

    What next.
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    sounds normal for what happens now a days
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    They can't actually get a law suit over that? Can They? Has the ACLU gone completely over the edge? For the love of God come on!!!!!!!

    Thats taking things a bit too far! I can understand if the trooper just started way-laying on them with his baton for no reason or something illegal, but just reported them to ICE, how did he have no right?

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    "They can't actually get a law suit over that? Can They? Has the ACLU gone completely over the edge? For the love of God come on!!!!!!!"

    Watch it; seperation of God and Cops.
    I'll have to report you to the aclu.

    Hey aclu there's a guy out here with a set of big brass ones, go pick on someone else.

    Reporting done.

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    Typical day for LE in Rhode Island. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    How about the latest on the RI State Trooper Academy.....they are doing several weeks of remedial work to help minorities and women to pass the academy. What next?

    Recruitment for the new classes in RI have been very poor this year. For the City of Providence academy they wanted 50 recruits. I believe the class started last week with 20 something.

    Just another reason I love Rhode Island.




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